Capital.Com Offers Cfd Trading In Crypto Currencies And Support In 10 Languages

The online broker is no stranger to many traders. It has been offering trading opportunities for a long time. Basically it should be mentioned that is located within the EU in Cyprus. This means that there is a regulation in place and traders are much safer on the move than if they choose a broker based on an exotic island. The broker has significantly expanded its portfolio in recent years and now offers CFDs in crypto currencies. This means that not the crypto currency itself is bought and traded, but corresponding CFDs can be traded on it. The number of crypto currencies available for CFD trading has continued to grow in recent months. That means that at present altogether 20 different crypto currencies stand to the selection – a number, which is clearly higher, than it with many competitors of the case is, with which usually only 5 to 8 crypto currencies are available. Basically it has to be mentioned that trading in crypto currencies is very risky. This means that high losses but also high profits are possible. Who decides for crypto currencies should learn in advance how the trade works. offers very good opportunities for this in any case. On the homepage of the broker numerous courses and news are offered and naturally also a large glossary, which is perfectly suitable for informing itself about the crypto currencies and to recognize, what can be traded here everything. In principle it is to be noted that the trade with CFDs on crypto currencies is not regulated by guidelines of the European Union.

Which trade possibilities offers the broker to its customers?

The broker offers the option to its customers that altogether 261 shares can be traded and without problems. These can be taken exactly like also 6 indices and 4 raw materials as basis values for the trade. In addition, currency pairs, but also the 20 crypto currencies mentioned are available when it comes to the fact that trading through the broker should be perceived. If you wish, you can also use a lever to start trading. A maximum leverage of up to 1:50 is possible on the basis of very narrow spreads. The trade can be perceived easily via the browser, but also via a mobile app.

What service and options does offer me?

The broker offers me many different services. This means that in any case CFDs and other options can be used.’s service is available in 10 different languages. It should be noted that is regulated in any case, due to the fact that the broker is based in Limassol on the island of Cyprus. In principle, the regulation of brokers here is carried out via CySec. It is possible that the support of the broker can be done via email via an online form. In addition, also offers its customers and interested parties a live chat, which can be noticed and which is recommended in any case. Those who have decided on a trading account with can fill it with money without any problems. Transfers via a bank account as well as via the well-known credit cards (e.g. MasterCard or Visa credit cards) are possible without any problems. Deposits can also be made via e-wallet. It is necessary to deposit at least 100 Euro. There are no fees and the trading account can be kept in Euro, but also in US Dollar and British Pound. The payout of credit balances works in the same way as it has been the case with the deposits.