Plus500 Achieved 2015 Over ¼ Billion Dollar Sales

Plus500 recently published its sales results for fiscal year 2015 and showed an impressive performance. The annual turnover amounted to 275.6 million US dollars and a clear growth of customers was achieved.

Fact is that Plus500 is very popular especially in the area of CFD (Contract for Difference) and many private customers trade online through the broker. There is a possibility that Plus500 can be traded internationally. The enterprise itself has its seat in Great Britain and ranks here among the largest and most well-known CFD Brokers.

Plus500 registers increasing customer numbers

With on-line Broker in the year 2015 not only the turnovers, but also the number of the customers rise. In total, more than 80,000 new customers were acquired in 2015. In the previous year 2014, the increase was around 18,000 customers below the 2015 figure. The number of active customers also rose significantly to Plus500. In total, the CFD Broker now has over 135,000 active customers.

For the future, the broker hopes to be able to inspire more customers with its business model. Like many on-line brokers, also plus 500 will set on new financial instruments and will support naturally above all the ever more popular becoming mobile trade. Fact is that straight the usual mobile platforms are to be supported, since ever more user into the mobile CFD trade enter.

Passend in addition there is with plus 500 for new customers e.g. a kind starting assets for the trade. Also videos and numerous information can be used on the plus500 homepage, in order to inform about CFDs and the risk in the CFD trade. The Plus500 homepage is made available in German language and with the demo account all functions can be tested without risk.